How much should your web design cost?

Hiring a web designer is more expensive, but it takes the technical hassle out of your hands. Using a website builder is cheap and easy, but you don’t get the same level of control as you do with WordPress. WordPress gives you flexibility, but it’s the most time-consuming and hands-on approach. If you choose to use a website builder, it could cost you as little as $9.99 per month, whereas using WordPress increases that monthly price to anywhere between $11 and $50.

Creating a custom forum engine is an impractical and extravagant idea, taking into account there are multiple SDKs available. Our particular experience in custom-designed forums is bound to Discourse. It integrates perfectly into a website design, works perfectly well, is intuitive and easy to use. Forums are complicated socializing platforms, specific for the theme websites. Forums allow you to consolidate users around the topics specific to your industry.

New website design cost

At the end of the day you may have as much expertise on your side, but it should allow you to get a viable website online. If you’re a start-up business, that may be all you’re looking for to get started. As your business grows and you have the need to develop a more professional or robust website, you can work with a web design company and invest into a redesign. A web designer is an individual who you hire to build your website. This makes it easier for you as you’ll only be responsible for a fraction of what you’d need to consider when building a website yourself.

A good alternative is to charge a fixed price for a project and then charge more if it takes more than an agreed number of hours to complete. If you’re not sure which database to use, then you should consult with our software development company. They will be able to help you choose the right database for your website and can also help with the integration process. The cost of database integration varies depending on the size and complexity of your website, but it typically ranges from $1,000 to $25,000.

Website Cost Variation Based on Features

The time it takes for an agency or an individual tomanage a Google Ads campaign often comes down to how much you’re spending on that campaign monthly. The more you’re spending the more time and attention should be focused on the account. Often paid search agencies to have a base management fee and then charge a percentage of spend if that number is greater.

Consider additional costs for designing a website with animation, shooting a video, editing, and placing it on your website. Bad graphics and stock images might be the ultimate off-putting cause for your website. Free graphics are most likely used all over the place and don’t seem to have an expiration date. The current trend is to abandon the practice of using bland stock images in favor of something more custom-made that would indicate that you really care about your business and customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Bundling web design with SEO can increase your web design costs by $2000 to $10,000. The price for this service generally scales off the number of keywords targeted. For example, it costs more to optimize and rank for 150 keywords than for 30 keywords.

  • Freelance web designers tend to earn more in gross profit than employees since they have to pay all of their own taxes and expenses.
  • However, you can expect the price to be around $60 per page if it is an online store or $300 per page if it is something else.
  • The way these sites simplify such a complex process is through templates.
  • Website security is also imperative and will add to the monthly cost.

Bluehost is the number one WordPress hosting provider, making it the highest quality host you can choose for your WordPress website. No, it’s not the cheapest on the market – but with prices starting at $2.95 per month, it’s web design cost not going to break the bank, either. There are free themes and plugins too, so in theory, it should be easy to keep costs low. However, you might find you need a premium theme, and then there’s hosting to think about .

Additional Marketing Services

In most cases, this will not deter a potential client if your proposal is well-presented and you have made a good first impression. If you are going to provide after sales support to your clients, you should agree with them beforehand how much support is provided free of charge after you have delivered the final design. For example, you may include two hours of email support after delivering a website design to help explain how important functions work. As you gain more experience in freelancing, you will have a better understanding of what is involved in a project. Therefore, if you are positive that you will not face any problems with a design, it may be worth charging the client a fixed price. However, things do not always go to plan and it is difficult to see the challenges that a particular design may present.

What forms the web design price

Dribbble has a freefreelance rate calculator that helps you figure out your hourly rate. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that if you require heavier maintenance than normal, you may want to consider hiring an in-house designer. Freelancers work best for most sites, but a minority of sites will need constant updating and revising. Building a website can take as long as it needs, but from our experience, the quickest you can build a fully functional website with all the necessary text and branding is about 3 hours. If you plan on using WordPress and a hosting provider, your budget should increase to at least $1500 as there are a lot more ongoing fees to keep track of.

Where to hire a web designer?

Hiring a web designer to plan and create your site puts your project firmly in the hands of the professionals. You don’t get to totally sit back and relax – you’ll need to work with your web designer to create a site you love – but it does take a lot of the heavy lifting away from you. Any hosting provider worth it’s salt will come with security features built into its plans. However, WordPress sites can be pretty vulnerable to online attacks, so it’s worth investing in some extra security measures.

What forms the web design price

I split it down into basic WordPress build; hosting; plug-in and add on functionality and big stuff like say setting up an events manager of Mailchimp newsletter get a separate charge. All it takes is one little technical glitch to eat our profitability. I tell my clients very clearly that I am providing them an ESTIMATE for services requested. I also tell them that if the final invoice falls above or below this estimate by 10% or more then I will bill them accordingly. So yes that means sometimes the client gets billed less than estimated but it’s a win-win.


It enables you to easily change and edit the text on a website without asking developers about it. Let check the options available for more expensive subscription plans. Here’s a look at how the top website builders fare when compared based on price.