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interactive brokers forex review

BrokerNotes is powered by a dynamic team of writers, researchers, content strategists, data analysts, editors, traders, and investors. We are obsessed with creating the best finance content on the internet, and we are dedicated to helping our readers make great choices for their money. In terms of mobile charting indicators and studies Interactive Brokers has 97, compared to the industry average of 41. Mobile charting indicators can be a useful tool to help traders analyze price trends, identify potential entry and exit points, and make informed trading decisions. Interactive Brokers delivers an average spread of 0.6 when trading the EUR/USD within a standard account.

You will need to provide the answer to each question, as this may be required for restoring access to your account, when you contact customer support, etc. For example, for wire transfer, you will need to provide the amount of intended deposit, bank name and bank account number. If it is a check, you will need to provide a check number and bank routing number. You can review the list of all required documents and information on the Interactive Brokers website. As we can see, the competitors are approximately equal in terms of products offered for trading. However, further examination of the issue shows that Interactive Brokers provides a wider list of trading instruments for each class.

Interactive Brokers Group Reports Brokerage Metrics and Other … – Business Wire

Interactive Brokers Group Reports Brokerage Metrics and Other ….

Posted: Thu, 01 Jun 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

In January 2021, customer services collapsed for Europeans as lots of clients had to migrate from the UK entity to another one because of Brexit. Messages went unanswered for 5-10 days and it was not possible to contact IB by phone either. Interactive Brokers provides a broad selection of fundamental data on all of its platforms. These include income statements for the past six years, a dividend calendar and peer group companies, to name but a few. Interactive Advisors is IB’s own asset management service, which allows you to copy professional portfolio managers and lets you automatically make trades as professionals do. Interactive Brokers provides several account base currencies, which is great if you want to trade assets in various currencies.

Can I trade forex with Interactive Brokers?

To help you, we have written a piece to explain what happens in such situations. To open an Interactive Brokers account, the required minimum deposit is $0. Currently, the level of customer service is back to its baseline level, which is a bit below the industry average. Through IB, you have access to more than 250 fund providers, including big names like BlackRock and Vanguard. This includes major stock markets like the NASDAQ, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the London Stock Exchange (LSE), as well as minor ones such as the Warsaw Stock Exchange or Mexican markets.

That said, we were able to obtain a sample of one week’s worth of average spread data for the EUR/USD, which ended up coming to a total of 0.6 pips after commission. IBKR has low commissions which get lower based on volume, making it excellent value for high-volume traders. The table below details how a high volume forex trader can achieve a low commission multiple of just 0.08 basis points.

Industry awards

The above is of course not a concern if you have a cash account. Interactive Brokers offers many account types, which differ in terms of ownership and the service provided. However, there is a $2,000 minimum if you would like to trade on margin (or sell short). Trading on margin means that you are trading with borrowed money, also known as leverage.

Historically speaking, Interactive Brokers has always been an industry leader. In 1983, an earlier iteration of IBKR, Timber Hill, was the first to develop and launch handheld trading computers. Interactive Brokers receives regulatory oversight through FINRA, the SEC, NYSE, FCA, and various international agencies. Interactive Brokers is a world-class brokerage firm with a huge selection of tradable securities.

Interactive Brokers expands its European Exchanges offerings – CryptoNewsZ

Interactive Brokers expands its European Exchanges offerings.

Posted: Wed, 14 Jun 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

The IBKR Securities Class Action Recovery service automatically detects if you are eligible to file a claim for securities purchased or sold through IBKR. This service will submit your claims automatically and assist you in recovering your eligible funds, minus a 20% contingency fee. The Impact Dashboard—available on TWS, Client Portal, and the new mobile Impact app—helps you evaluate and invest in companies that align with your values. Dozens of real-time news sources are available on all platforms. We found this one of the best options platforms, but too complex for the average retail trader. That said, IBKR has upped its game with more education and assistance in navigating the platform.

Education at Interactive Brokers

You can see how a company compares to competitors and industry averages across various data points, as well as how the company has performed over time with historical trends. Frequent Pro traders will like IBKR’s SmartRouting which automatically transmits the best available prices for stocks, options, and combinations across exchanges. SmartRouting isn’t a one-and-done process but considers each leg of a transaction, account transaction costs, fees, and rebates. There are additional opportunities for traders to select their trading routes.

  • IBKR GlobalTrader offers ‘Limit’, ‘Market’ and ‘Stop’ order types.
  • Click here for a full list of our partners and an in-depth explanation on how we get paid.
  • Interactive Brokers supports a large number of base currencies.
  • In order to register an account on the broker’s website, you need to press Open account button on the home page of the official website of Interactive Brokers.
  • Interactive Brokers also offers educational resources to help traders improve their trading knowledge.

To have a clear understanding of CFD fees, we calculated a CFD benchmark fee for the selected products. This catch-all benchmark includes commissions, spreads and financing costs for all brokers. Interactive Brokers offers extensive educational resources to help people start investing. First, they have a Traders Academy with dozens of courses for traders of all skill levels.

Popular Forex Guides

For example, in the case of stock investing the most important fees are commissions. IBKR provides a broad range of investor education programs for customers and the public. The short videos are ideal for bite-sized learning about TWS and the Client Portal.

  • The educational division offers new retail traders a valuable and well-structured course.
  • IBKR offers 105 currency pairs with extremely margin rate and low spreads.
  • The spreads of Saxo Bank and Swissquote have been recalculated for this purpose.
  • The broker has subsidiaries and affiliates in different international regions, while the company is headquartered in the United States.

If you are not familiar with the basic order types, read this overview. The IBKR GlobalTrader app is a well-designed and easy-to-use platform. If you are not familiar with the basic order types, read this overview. For the 2 factor authorization, use the IBKR Mobile Authentication (IB Key), which requires fingerprint or PIN, depending on the hardware capabilities of your phone.


Recently, IBKR added Quote Details, which provides a streamlined view of pricing data, fundamentals, news, analyst ratings and more. Quote Details is more user-friendly, easier to navigate and features a customizable data drawer and layout settings so you can see just the information they are looking for. IBKR offers a massive range of options contracts for both the domestic and international markets. You’ll pay between $0.15 to $0.65 per contract, depending on your account type and the value of the contract you’re making. However, unlike most brokers, it doesn’t inflate the spread or charge you more than the standard spread for the pair you’re trading. This charge comes in addition to a small commission of 0.08 to 0.20 base points, depending on the volume of currency you’re exchanging.

interactive brokers forex review

Trading platforms were then tested for the quality and availability of advanced trading tools frequently used by professionals. Interactive Brokers aims to provide traders with access to a wide range of financial markets and tools with low commissions and fees. Hence, the broker’s offerings include Stocks, ETFs, Options, Futures, Currencies, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and Cryptocurrency. Interactive Brokers is a comprehensive trading platform that gives you access to a massive range of securities at affordable prices. You can buy assets from all around the world from the comfort of your home or office with access to over 150 global markets. Stocks, options, futures, forex and fund trading are also available, and most traders won’t pay a commission on any US stock purchase or sale if they choose the IBKR Lite pricing plan.

Now that you’ve seen our picks for the best forex brokers, check out the Overall Rankings. We’ve evaluated over 60 forex brokers, using a testing methodology that’s based on 100+ data-driven variables and thousands of data points. Beginner forex traders might start trading forex with as little as $100, while it’s not uncommon for professional day traders to have six or even seven-figure trading accounts. If you are a beginner, you’ll first need to determine if forex trading is suitable for you.’s proprietary Trust Score ranks forex brokers based on their reliability and overall trust.

In addition, Interactive Brokers also has several overseas branches that are regulated locally by regulatory agencies in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, the UK, Luxembourg, and Australia. It doesn’t take much research to learn that Interactive Brokers’s customer service isn’t the most popular with users worldwide. IBKR Lite users do not incur any inactivity fees, penalty fees for fewer monthly trades, or account maintenance fees. – $100 minimum to fund a smart beta portfolio (made up of diversified groups of stocks) that comes with an account management fee ranging from 0.08 to 0.09 percent.

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